2023-24 Season Awards

At the end of each season, the committee analyses attendance and performance data from the Results HQ system to determine which athletes have achieved the highest levels across the whole season. Points are awarded to athletes for participating per event as well as achieving a 1st, 2nd 3rd place and/or a personal best.

Scoring Points

The scoring system is currently configured to reflect the following outcomes for each meet:

  • Placing points - 2 points for first place, 1 point for all other placings
  • Personal best - 2 points for exceeding PB, 1 point for equalling. First PB in each event for the season discounted from the scoring
  • Attendance - 2 points for attending and participating on each meet day
  • Event participation - 1 point for each event participated at each meet
  • Centre record - 10 points for exceeding a centre record, 5 points for equalling a centre record
    Best Overall Runner Up Most Improved
U6 Girls Zoe Seccas Bonnie Wagner Jeanie Holden
U6 Boys Alexander Tzouramanis Vivaan Parekh  
U7 Girls Indi Watts Kahlan Scanlon  
U7 Boys Rafael Kostic Eric O'Donnell Isaac Koutsoubos
U8 Girls Prisha Thaker Shae Morel  
U8 Boys Xavier Seccas Luca Zgounios Lee Newton
U9 Girls Mila Lichtenstein Mika Lichtenstein Ella Wagner
U9 Boys Toby Manshanden Gabriel Durgutovic Shaan Parekh
U10 Girls Stephanie Head Giselle Deville Samantha Alexandrou
U10 Boys Joshua Buxey Prayag Malhotra Mika Poberezovsky
U11 Girls Lucy Foster Giann Baratt Nathalie Greenaway
U11 Boys Rory McRae Darwell Begue Benito Bygine
U12 Girls Madeline Kostic Alannah Harlowe  
U12 Boys Lior Lichtenstein Ambrose Meyer Filip Babalj
U13 Girls Miette Windsor Olivia Deville Bonnie Allan
U13 Boys Cooper Barrett Fraser Lucas Christian Silva
U14 Girls Natasha Sturrock Lucia Shaw Christina Konstantinidis
U14 Boys Troy Morton Cameron DeCouto  
U15 Girls Serana Barratt    
U15 Boys Shin Ichi Ng Archie Carter  

Coaches Awards

The Coaches Awards are entirely discretionary. Season 2023-24 recipients are:

Chloe Boukouras U10

Lucy Foster U11

Madeline Kostic U12

Macy Carter U13

Amelia Sheppard U13

Lucia Shaw U14

Mika Poberezovsky U10

Darwell Begue U11

Theodore Konstantinidis U12

Christian Silva U13

Fraser Lucas U13

Cooper Barrett U13


PB Awards

PB awards are given for most PBs for the season.


Junior PB Awards - Girls:                                                            Junior PB Awards - Boys:

1st Bonnie Wagner U6 - 23 PBs                                                 1st Rafael Kostic U7 - 24 PBs

2nd Jeanie Holden U6 - 19 PBs                                                  2nd Lee Newton U8 - 23 PBs

3rd Prisha Thaker U8 - 18 PBs                                                    3rd Vivaan Parekh U6 / Luca Zgournios U8 /

                                                                                                            Xavier Seccas U8 - 21 PBs


Intermediate PB Awards - Girls:                                                   Intermediate PB Awards - Boys:

1st Mila Lichtenstein U9 - 34 PBs                                                1st Joshua Buxey U10 - 27 PBs

2nd Mika Lichtenstein U9 / Giann Barratt U11 - 24 PBs              2nd Toby Manshanden U9 - 26 PBs

                                                                                                     3rd Hugh Wagner U11 - 24 PBs


Senior PB Awards - Girls:                                                             Senior PB Awards - Boys:

1st Lucia Shaw U14 - 32 PBs                                                       1st Ambrose Meyer U12 - 33 PBs

2nd Natasha Sturrock U14 - 28 PBs                                             2nd Xavier Kostic U13 - 29 PBs

3rd Miette Windsor U13 - 25 PBs                                                  3rd Cooper Barrett U13 - 28 PBs


Centre Awards


U6 - U8 Junior Champion: 



U9 - U11 Intermediate Champion:



U12 - U17 Senior Champion:



Presidents Award

The Presidents Award is entirely discretionary. Season 2023-24 recipient is LUCY FOSTER U11

Lucy consistently attended weekly trainings on Tuesday and Wednesday. She puts in 100% in every run and every jump. Importantly she bonds very well with others in her age group. She also proactively welcomed those who were new to Little Athletics. She is always full of energy and makes those around her including parents feel happy. Congratulations Lucy!


Jessica Watson Award

The Jessica Watson award was created in 2023-24 season in memory of Noel and Lexie's granddaughter, Jessie. Jessie was coaching Oakleigh athletes for many years, especially in the throws events, shot put, discus and javelin. She will be dearly missed, and to keep her in our memory, a perpetual trophy with the winners name on it and a permanent trophy will be awarded to best athlete in Shot Put, Discus and Javelin for the season. 

Season 2023-24 recipient is DARWELL BEGUE U11

Darwell placed 1st in Shot Put & 1st in Discus at Southern Metro Region competition, and placed 3rd in Shot Put and 5th in Discus at the State Championships in March 2024. He also achieved OLAC centre record in U11 Shot Put and Discus. Congratulations Darwell!

Multi Event Competition 2024

On 16th March 2024, we held our annual end of season Multi Event Competition. All athletes were required to complete all five events including:

  • Long Jump
  • Shot Put or Discus
  • Hurdles
  • 70m / 100m
  • 200m / 800m

Medals were presented at Presentation Day on 23rd March to as follows:

U6 Girls

  1. Zoe Seccas (2628 points)
  2. Bonnie Wagner (1898 points)
  3. Jeanie Holden (1702 points)

U6 Boys

  1. Vivaan Parekh (3209 points)
  2. Alexander Tzouramanis (1250 points)

U7 Girls

  1. Indi Watts (2373 points)
  2. Meera Mandhan (2245 points)
  3. Kahlan Scanlon (1372 points)

U7 Boys

  1. Leo Gavier-Cole (3455 points)
  2. Xavier Stabologou (3136 points)
  3. Krishna Thaker (2748 points)

U8 Girls

  1. Salome Piroska (2460 points)
  2. Prisha Thaker (2445 points)

U8 Boys

  1. Xavier Seccas (3276 points)
  2. Lee Newton (3226 points)
  3. Luca Zgournios (3199 points)

U9 Girls

  1. Jemima Haggai (2474 points)
  2. Mila Lichtenstein (2067 points)
  3. Flora Holden (2053 points)

U9 Boys

  1. Liam Hayden (2637 points)
  2. Shaan Parekh (2421 points)
  3. Gabriel Durgutovic (2355 points)

U10 Girls

  1. Giselle Deville (2176 points)
  2. Stephanie Head (2135 points)
  3. Samantha Alexandrou (1967 points)

U10 Boys

  1. Alex Stabologou (2449 points)
  2. Prayag Malhotra (2296 points)
  3. Joshua Buxey (2070 points)

U11 Girls

  1. Lucy Foster (2055 points)
  2. Zara Sheppard (1761 points)
  3. Giann Barratt (1251 points)

U11 Boys

  1. Rory McRae (2228 points)
  2. Benito Bygine (2165 points)
  3. Darwell Begue (1957 points)

U12 Girls

  1. Madeline Kostic (1493 points)

U12 Boys

  1. Filip Babalj (2487 points)
  2. Karlos Webster (2262 points)
  3. Theodore Konstantinidis (2105 points)

U13 Girls

  1. Miette Windsor (3066 points)
  2. Olivia Deville (2693 points)
  3. Amelia Sheppard (2436 points)

U13 Boys

  1. Christian Silva (2970 points)
  2. Cooper Barrett (2701 points)
  3. Xavier Kostic (2532 points)

U14 Girls

  1. Lucia Shaw (3706 points)
  2. Christina Konstantinidis (2400 points)
  3. Natasha Sturrock (2329 points)

U14 Boys

  1. Troy Morton (2612 points)
  2. Cameron DeCouto (2494 points)

U15 Girls

  1. Serana Barratt (2280 points)

U15 Boys

  1. Nathan Haggai (2787 points)
  2. Shin Ichi Ng (1692 points)