Volunteer - Get More Involved

You can be as involved in the running club as you like. At a minimum we need you to assist each week with set up, events, results tracking and pack up.  There are a number of other ways to help as well:

  • Age group managers: every age group needs guiding round the field on a Saturday morning. Having a regular group manager provides the children with consistency and the manager gets to know which of their athletes need a little guidance here and there. In this role, you really get to see improvement in action throughout the season. It can be extremely rewarding.
  • Team managers: on occasion we need a responsible adult to act as the Oakleigh team manager when we are participating at external events. This person is the co-ordinator for our club on the day. It doesn’t happen often so it’s not a big time commitment. If you think your child might be someone who will enjoy those extra opportunities for competition then this could be for you –after all, you’re going to be there anyway.
  • Become a coach: having trained coaches at a variety of levels and across a number of different events is a must. We know it makes a difference and you can too. We can put you through the Introduction to Coaching course at the club’s expense and get you started on something really worthwhile.
  • If you really have the passion, and a bit of time, then get on the committee or take on a regular job that doesn’t require committee meeting attendance. Many hands make light work and this level of involvement allows you to have some direct input into how we run the show.

Interested in helping? Here are our contact details.

If you are interested in volunteering please feel free to contact us:

  • Phone:     Panny Ng 0411 687 392
  • Email:       oakleigh@lavic.com.au
  • Address:   Davies Reserve, Talbot Avenue, Oakleigh South 3167 

Or grab a committee member on Fridays/Saturdays between September and March!