What is Little Athletics?

Now over 50 years old, Little Athletics is a nationwide organisation geared to making athletic activity available to children from the ages of five to fifteen.  From an early age, children are encouraged to participate in a number of track and field events with a focus not on winning but on achieving their own personal best results. With a season that runs from September through to March, Little Aths provides children with a weekly opportunity to make friends and have fun whilst remaining active and healthy. For the older children, it’s an opportunity to discover their personal preferences and strengths and maybe go on to greater things. As such, it’s incredible value for money.

Little Athletics Australia (LAA) is the governing body for the individual state organisations. Oakleigh is part of Little Athletics Victoria (LAVic for short) whose domain is segmented into seven regions. Here at Oakleigh we join with 15 other centres to form the Southern Metro Region (or SMR for short.) So when you hear talk of national, state or regional events, that’s how it’s broken down.

Little Athletics is grateful for the support shown by its Partners and equipment supplies- details of which can be found here.