Oakleigh Little Athletics Centre

Covid 19 Update

Season 2021-22 COVID

As with last season COVID is something we will have to work with and around.

Most will be familiar with the routine  but there's a few more.-

  • Stay away if unwell, quarantining, been to a high risk exposure site etc
  • For the forseeable future attendance limited to athletes, required parent helpers and officials and parents who are directly supervising children.
  • All people who are actively helping must meet vaccination requirements (either fully vaccinated, booked in for vaccination or have a medical exemption)
  • All people attending must register on arrival via the QR code or manual register
  • Masks are not compulsory for outdoor activity unless social discatncing is not possible.  As such all attendees over 12 should carry a mask just in case
  • We will not be able to combine clothing and drink bottles etc into trolleys. 

We have developed a COVID plan based on templates provided which can be accessed here.

Please check back for updates or send us an email at oakleigh@lavic.com.au


Team App in use this season

With the additional restrictions on movement, and tracking this season, we will plan to use Team App to manage our Competition days.

Team App will allow us to send information quickly to your phones, and will also allow for Duty Roster registration, and attendance marking.

If you do not already have TeamApp on your phone, please download it.

Download TeamApp for your phone and keep up to date!

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Then search for Oakleigh Little Athletics.

Any questions, please ask via our Facebook page.

Or email us at oakleigh@lavic.com.au

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TeamApp on your phone is absolutely neccessary this season.  We will use it for rostering and important notifications.

Download TeamApp for your phone and keep up to date.

Download on the App Store

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Then search for Oakleigh Little Athletics



Contact Us

To find out more information or ask questions, you can contact the centre in a number of ways:

  • Phone: Andrew Allan on 0417 516 756
  • Email: oakleigh@lavic.com.au
  • Post: PO Box 5474, Clayton, VIC 3168
  • Address: Davies Reserve, Talbot Avenue, Oakleigh South 3167 

Or grab a committee member  on Fridays/Saturdays between September and March!