Team App in use this season

With the additional restrictions on movement, and tracking this season, we will be using Team App to manage our Competition days.


Team App will allow us to send information quickly to your phones, and will also allow for Duty Roster registration, and attendance marking.


If you do not already have TeamApp on your phone, please downlaod it.

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Covid 19 Update

We have started again!

This season will look a little different, there will be some new protocoals in place of course, and Parent Help will absolutely be needed, and will need to be more strcutured.  We have put together a COVID plan and is based on guidance provied by LA Vic.


The following plan has been developed to respond to requirements set out by LA Vic and interprets these for competition at Oakleigh LAC for at least the commencement of the 2020-21 season.

We expect to adapt our approach over the first few weeks based on registration numbers (i.e. for group sizes) and to run a simplified program initially.  As rules change and centre processes become familiar we may change. Initially we propose to offer a basic program similar to Friday night twilight.

Access to field of play

Access will be limited to rostered duty officials and parents who have been explicitly identified to the COVID safe official as having a specific requirement to support an athlete in participating in competition events.

Rostered helpers should be registered in the Team App duty roster prepared by the Centre.  Parents and helpers not performing an official rostered duty should confirm their eligibility to attend with COVID.

As our venue is generally open to the public we are limited in our ability to exclude people.  We will be asking rostered parents and helpers to wear identification vests and all others to remain outside of competition zones (by at least social distances.)  This is an area we will require co-operation.

Athlete Groupings

Groupings are limited to 10. We propose that this should be 8 athletes and up to 2 parent assistants.  We will adjust group sizes as we receive registrations.


Hygiene protocols will be required whereby:

  • Older athletes (12+) must wear masks when not competing.
  • All equipment will be cleaned between events
  • Athletes should clean hands after each event
  • Bags and equipment will be the responsibility of athletes- NO TROLLEYS


Canteen will be offering limited sales until further notice.

Paypal will be preferred over cash.  If you must use cash, exact change is preferred.

There will be no sausage sizzle until further notified, this is to assist with a ‘get in, get out’ approach but also to simplify things while we are all hands on deck to ensure competition runs smoothly.

Results Entry

We have purchased a set of tablets to allow a paperless approach to field results entry.  We hope some of our parents will volunteer to perform this task on a regular basis so we can train as necessary.

Please check back for updates or send us an email at


Centre Records

For those of you that are interested - 

Here s the current list of Centre Record holders.

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Contact Us

To find out more information or ask questions, you can contact the centre in a number of ways:

  • Phone: Andrew Allan on 0417 516 756
  • Email:
  • Post: PO Box 5474, Clayton, VIC 3168
  • Address: Davies Reserve, Talbot Avenue, Oakleigh South 3167 

Or grab a committee member  on Fridays/Saturdays between September and March!


Little Athletics Victoria is proudly sponsored by

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Oakleigh Little Athletics centre also thanks Oakleigh AFL Auskick for sponsoring the Personal Bests ladder with awards certificates.